Role: Ux Researcher and Wireframe Designer
Project Completed: Feb 2022
Team Size: 3 people
Time Frame: 3 months
01: Summary
There is currently a lack of a dedicated platform where you can freely write and share stories. Potential users are currently confronted with word limits, restricted public writing, and illogical userflow. As a result, some users avoid expressive writing and do not reap the benefits of having a creative outlet.
02: Research Findings
In one study, college students who wrote for emotional release for 15 minutes every day for four days straight reported significant benefits four months later.
You are more likely to uplift your mood and generate positive meaning in your life events if you write expressively.

Benefits Include: 
Improved mood/affect 
Fewer stress-related visits to the doctor
Feeling of greater psychological well-being 
Improved working memory
Fewer post-traumatic intrusion and avoidance symptoms 

03: Research Takeaways
Necessities: Intuitive userflow, Gender neutral, Clean design, Targeted ads to find new users

Unique Features: Emotion tagged public stories, Both mobile and desktop, No word count limitations, Filter home feed from “Latest posts, Most liked/helped, Frequent users or Followed Users

Considerations: Incentives for daily users, Possible paid functions being ( Auto save, Unlimited Space, Reminders, Widgets ), Mods to approve comments or paid users allowed to comment on public stories, Saved books for stories that relate to eachother, Search engine for stories
04: Planning
After the research and planning phases were completed, user flows, wireframes, and design system were created. To determine how certain features and tasks would connect, a simple user flow was created. This then informed the subsequent wireframes, which laid the groundwork for the final screens.
Low Fidelity Wireframes for desktop
Mobile WireFrames and Design System Example
05. Final Design
The final prototype shows a home page, profile screen, messaging and an example writing page. With the wireframes the other team members were able to understand what the stories would look like on the website while using a modular grid style feed design with continuous scroll in mind. Once they select a post they would be able to view the post, see what emotions were attached and be able to find and follow the writer.

06. Reflection
This was my first group project in Ux/UI design, and I'm pleased with the outcome. I am most proud of my Ux Analysis because I believe it provided everyone on the team with a clear understanding of the project's direction. In the future, I would have liked to conduct user testing on the prototype with real people to ensure that the design was simple to understand and to gather feedback from potential users.
I would have liked to have designed a mobile wireframe as well, but the developers decided to test their audience with a desktop-only approach.
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