Role: Mural Artist
Project Completed: August 15th 2022
Tools: Latex Paint and SprayPaint 
Organizations: Red Pepper Arts, Street Art Toronto
Here is my mural for Friends of Kensingtonmarket ! 💜 
This years theme was A future without Oppression
 My first thought about an oppression-free world was that it would be peaceful. The ability to pause for a moment and observe the passing clouds. It's as if your personal world comes to a halt, allowing you to appreciate the small things in life. My hope is that this peace will inspire people to reflect on themselves and how they can make a positive difference in our world​​​​​​​

The mural ended up being finished all in one day ended up being around 8 feet tall and around 15-17 feet long. First time using spray paints as well 💙💙
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