Client Name: 
The Brief Club
Date Project Completed
December 2021
Project Challenge
The Brief Club challenged designers to create a brand guide for "Luna and Sage," a crystal and well-being shop. The brand requires the creation of a logo as well as other brand elements that will help to flesh out the brand imagery. The project's goal was to create unique branding elements using new techniques by the end of the week.

I then researched the types of designs and projects that the brief club appreciates. As the brand name "Luna and Sage" evokes a natural and celestial vibe, I deduced that the logo should be fun and whimsical. A custom illustration, package design, and a sticker sheet were all branding elements I wanted to include. I chose these elements because the package you would receive if you ordered from the brand would give you an idea of what this brand imagery is.
Design Process
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