Role: Graphic Designer and Instructor
Project Completed: August 8th 2022
Tools: Indesign and Illustrator 
Organizations: RCAD Initiative
Zine Class 1 
In this Introduction, I cover some important questions that anybody looking to create zines would want to know. Hopefully after reading this booklet, you will be able to take away zine cultural relevance and potential, as well as all the stages involved in making your own zine!
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Zine Class 2
The topic of this lesson is to take what was learned in part one and start creating our zine. This booklet Includes a vast array of content from initial planning stages of finding inspiration, to choosing your desired layout, creating sketches, followed by documenting your process.
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Zine Class 3
Actually finishing the project is amazing. Jessica know for herself that the project is complete when she just cannot bother to put another paint stroke down. As artists, we tend to look at our art as just alright but try to look at it from a friend’s point of view.
Go ahead and share your art work with a family member or a friend and let them see it for the beauty that it actually is. Always be proud of how far you’ve come!
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